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Review: Reaching for the Moon, by Regina Puckett

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Reaching for the Moon - Regina Puckett

This was the first time I’ve read poetry from Regina Puckett, but I don’t think it’ll be my last.


This collection contains a variety of poems that all follow a similar rhyme scheme and length that made it flow nicely from one poem to the next. At times the rhyming worked great, though I’d have liked a little variety at times (I’m not a huge fan of straight-up rhyme in poetry, so this is just personal taste).


The poem covered a few different topics, but there was an overall positive, almost inspirational theme to them that gave a nice feel to it, as a whole. It’s great for readers who enjoy short poems that get to the point, having just a hint of something bigger that makes multiple readings that much more enjoyable.


I’d also like to make mention that I both read this collection and listened to the audiobook of it. Hearing the narrator read the poems, and comparing them to the way I read them, allowed me to see a few different interpretations to various aspects of the poems. The narrators accent also made for an interesting reading.

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